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Fairy Glen on
the Black Isle

25 minute drive from Pottery House

Fairy Glen is an RSPB bird reserve on the Black Isle, just a way further from Chanonry Point and the village of Rosemarkie.

It takes about an hour to walk up the Glen and back again. Quite apart from the bird life it is a beautiful woodland path following a stream up hill to two lovely waterfalls at the end.

More Information about Fairy Glen on the RSPB website.

Fairy Glen On The Black Isle
The stream winds it way through beautiful woodland glades.

Fairy Glen On The Black Isle
This bridge across the stream is the start of the walk.

First Waterfall in fairy glen
This is the first waterfall you reach.
Fairy Glen 2nd Waterfall
The 2nd waterfall and the end of the walk.
Fledgling Bird In Fairy Glen
A fledgling bird unperturbed by passing humans.

Colourful bug in Fairy Glen
Keep a lookout for interesting wildlife. This colourful bug was on the bridge.