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We Love Their Haggis - George Cockburns & Son

Wednesday 6th June 2018

George Cockburns ButcherWe get many compliments for our breakfasts and we're sure the main reason for that is quality ingredients. Eggs from our hens and meat products from a proper family butchers.

So yoday we made one of our regular trips to Dingwall, to the butchers Cockburns & Son. Sometimes guests ask us why we go all the way to Dingwall when there are family butchers in Inverness.


The truth is.... their haggis.


George Cockburns ButchersDon't get us wrong, all our bacon, sausages, black pudding used for breakfasts is from Cockburns too and it's outstanding quality, but their haggis is really the best we've tasted and we've tried lots.

So next time you're staying at Pottery House ask for a side of haggis when you order you're breakfast, we're sure you'll enjoy it too.