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Pottery House
Loch Ness B&B

The View Down Loch Ness to Meall Fuar Mhonaidh

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ur Location By Loch Ness

Pottery House is located on the outskirts of the beautiful Loch side village of Dores, approx. 10 miles from the centre of The Highland capital, Inverness.

The house is in a raised position overlooking Loch Ness across to the hills on the other side. We are very lucky that Dores is one of very few places on Loch Ness that offers easy access to the waters edge, in fact there is a small beach at the bottom of our drive where you can sit, see down the Loch and enjoy the peace and quiet, I often take my newspaper down there to sit and read on a sunny morning.

Dores is famous for it's pebble beach which stretches right across Loch Ness and offers some of the most iconic and magnificent views down the Loch. This photo was taken late one afternoon after a thunderstorm from Dores Beach.


Down Loch Ness From Dores Beach

Loch Ness From Dores Beach


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